Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the questions most asked by members of our community – don’t see your question here? Please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to assist!

Are you the cable company?

PCTV is an independent non-profit organization that operates a community media center in Pittsfield. We do not represent the cable company. We manage the Public, Education and Government channels seen on cable TV, as well as operate the internet video service PCTV Select. In addition, we manage and operate WTBR-FM, Pittsfield Community Radio.

Is PCTV paid for with tax dollars?

The cable company is contractually obligated to pay 5% of their gross revenues in support of PEG access in Pittsfield. The Cable Communications Act of 1984 provides for this funding as a way to compensate the city for the cable company’s use of public rights of way. It is this funding, along with PCTV’s own fundraising efforts, which supports this organization. We are not a Pittsfield city department, and there is no city budget line item devoted to paying for PCTV.

I’ve got an event – can I get PCTV to cover it?

There are three ways to get your event on PCTV:

  1. Join as a member and learn how to produce the program yourself;
  2. Find an interested and trained PCTV member who can help you produce the program;
  3. Contract with Park Square Productions, our production services arm, which can create a custom professional video production for you.

Where can I find listings for your three cable TV channels?

Listings for Access Pittsfield (Channel 1301), Pittsfield ETV (Channel 1302), and Citylink (Channel 1303) can be found here on our website.

How can I get a message on the air?

Send your messages via our “Contact Us” page, or through our Operations Staff at operations(at) Please send it to us at least two weeks before the event. PCTV will only post messages from non-profit and community organizations. Include all the information about the event as well as a contact number.

How many people watch PCTV?

While we don’t rely on Nielsen ratings, we do know that about 10,000 Pittsfield households receive PCTV by cable subscription, and many more access our programming through our internet service PCTV Select and other outlets. Cable subscribers in Dalton and Richmond can also view much of our programming.

May I Receive A Copy Of A Show / Event / Meeting That I Viewed On PCTV?

Anyone may request a copy of PCTV programming. The cost is $15 per DVD, except for some specially packaged programming, which costs $20. Copies of programming are intended for personal use only, and cannot be displayed publicly, uploaded to the internet, duplicated, or resold. They also cannot be incorporated in other programming without written consent from PCTV.

Are there commercials on PCTV?

The PEG cable channels are reserved for non-commercial programming and services only. However, viewers will notice acknowledgements of funding sources and the underwriting of programming costs on some programs. These messages are akin to those found on PBS television channels.

Why do you allow that show on PCTV?

Our public access station is an electronic forum for free expression by the residents of Pittsfield. The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees this freedom of speech. Any resident of Pittsfield is free to say or do anything on public access television as long as the content is not illegal or obscene.

How Can I Be Kept Updated On The Latest News For PCTV?

Sign up for our mailing list, where you will receive occasional bulletins on crew opportunities and special events. If you’re into social media, please visit and “like” our Facebook page. It can be found at

May I Use PCTV Equipment For Personal Projects?

The equipment and facilities at PCTV are available to members only for the purpose of creating community programming intended for air on the PEG television channels and other platforms. They cannot be used for personal or profit-making ventures. Equipment rental can be arranged for these situations.

Do you accept interns?

PCTV provides an opportunity for local students, as well as college students from the area, to learn about television production. Interns are welcome to apply for the opportunity to be involved in their chosen field of study.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Membership rates for individuals in Pittsfield are $15 per year, and family membership is $25 per year. Retirees from Pittsfield are $5 per year. For qualified “associate” members (outside Pittsfield but within Berkshire County) the rates are $40 per individual and $70 per family. We offer a Group membership, which covers 5 individuals for $50, and an Organization membership, 20 individuals for $100. Contact us for details and restrictions on those, as well as make arrangements for organizations larger than 20 individuals.